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50 Best Coffee Chat Email Subject Lines in 2024

50 Best Coffee Chat Email Subject Lines in 2024


Regardless of whether your coffee chat invitation it's for an in-person or virtual coffee chat, sending an effective email will boost your chances of getting a positive response.

The subject line is often the first impression your email makes, so selecting one that conveys your purpose clearly and entices the recipient is key.

With the proliferation of virtual coffee chats over platforms like Zoom or Google Meet, an email with a compelling subject line is more vital than ever to stand out in crowded inboxes and persuade busy contacts to accept your meeting invite.

List of coffee chat subject lines

Whether you aim to network, seek advice, ideate, request knowledge sharing, make connections, or explore opportunities, the right subject line can get your email opened and communicate you want a productive discussion.

Here you have a list of 50 professional email subject line examples:

General Invitation subject lines

5 General Invitation coffee chat email subject lines examples

1. Coffee catch-up?*

This is a simple, straightforward way to propose meeting up to catch up in general. The question mark makes it casual.

2. Let's grab coffee and connect

This is a friendly way to express interest in connecting over coffee. I'd suggest it because it communicates openness to strengthening your relationship.

3. Coffee chat invitation

This is a concise, direct invitation to chat over coffee. I'd use it when you want to be clear you're extending an invite.

4. Meeting over coffee?

This poses the idea of meeting up for coffee in a casual way. I'd use it to casually float the idea without being overly formal.

5. Can we chat over coffee?

This is a polite way to request a chat over coffee. I'd recommend it when you want to have a conversation in a relaxed setting.

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Casual Meeting subject lines

5 Casual Meeting coffee chat email subject lines examples

6. Coffee and conversation

Highlighting the conversational aspect gives a casual, friendly tone. Use this to emphasize you want an informal discussion.

7. Grabbing coffee?

The informal language makes this a good option for proposing a casual coffee meet up. I'd use it when you want to keep things low-key.

8. Coffee meeting request

This is straightforward - great if you want to clearly communicate you'd like to meet over coffee. I'd use this subject line to be direct but polite.

9. Quick coffee chat?

This signals an informal, brief chat over coffee. Use this subject line if you want to convey you don't expect a long meeting.

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Networking subject lines

10 Networking coffee chat email subject lines examples

10. Coffee catch up

This focuses the purpose on catching up in a relaxed setting like coffee. I'd use it to propose an informal catch up conversation.

11. Coffee networking invitation

This clearly conveys the meeting is for networking purposes. I'd use it when you want to be upfront that it's a networking outreach.

12. Coffee and catch up

This invites networking while catching up - a good option if you want to connect and get updated. I'd use it when networking is secondary to catching up.

13. Let's chat over coffee

This is a friendly way to suggest chatting in a casual coffee setting. I'd recommend it when you want an informal networking chat.

14. Coffee meeting invite

This is a straightforward networking invitation for coffee. Use this subject line if you want a clear, polite invite to meet.

15. Looking to chat over coffee

This expresses interest in chatting over coffee. It's a good networking option when you want to share you'd like to connect.

16. Coffee connection

Focusing on making connections gives this a clear networking angle. Use it when you want to emphasize developing relationships.

17. Coffee talk?

The short, casual phrase makes this a friendly way to suggest talking over coffee. I'd use it to propose an informal networking chat.

18. Coffee meetup request

This is a direct request to meet up for coffee, great for clearly communicating you want to get together. I'd use it when you want to be clear it's a request.

19. Can we meet for coffee?

The "can we" makes this a polite way to request a networking coffee meeting. I'd use it when you want to be formal yet warm.

20. Coffee meeting proposal

This frames the ask more formally as a meeting proposal. I'd use this subject line if you want a professional, polite request.

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Advice/Mentorship subject lines

4 Advice/Mentorship coffee chat email subject lines examples

21. Coffee and career advice

This highlights the opportunity to get career advice, making your purpose clear. Use this if you seek mentorship on career issues.

22. Coffee and consulting

"Consulting" conveys you want to pick their brain/get their expertise. I'd use this when you need strategic input on a matter.

23. Coffee and mentorship

This focuses on the mentorship aspect, so use it when you want guidance/to learn from someone's experience.

24. Coffee and collaboration

This focuses the purpose on collaborative potential. I'd use it when you hope to brainstorm ideas/work together.

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Ideation subject lines

5 Ideation coffee chat email subject lines examples

25. Coffee and ideas

This centers the purpose on idea-sharing - perfect if you want to have an ideation session. I'd use this subject line for creative meetings.

26. Coffee and insights

This highlights sharing insights, so it's ideal if you want strategic advice and fresh perspective. Use it when you seek useful insights.

27. Coffee and innovation

Focusing on innovation frames the meeting around discussing innovative ideas/solutions. Use this if you want an innovative brainstorm.

28. Coffee and inspiration

This focuses the conversation on inspirational exchange. I'd use this if you want motivation and fresh thinking.

29. Coffee and strategy

This subject line conveys you want to discuss strategy. Use it when you want input on strategic planning and positioning.

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Support subject lines

5 Support coffee chat email subject lines examples

30. Coffee and solutions

This meeting would center on solution-finding, so I'd use this subject line if you need help solving problems.

31. Coffee and support

This offers or requests support, so it's great if you want to give/receive mentorship and guidance.

32. Coffee and synergy

"Synergy" gives this a collaborative tone, so I'd use this when you want to build off each other's strengths.

33. Coffee and teamwork

This focuses the conversation on developing teamwork and collaboration. I'd use it if you want to work better together.

34. Coffee and expertise

This highlights tapping into the person's expertise, so use it when you want to leverage their specialized knowledge.

35. Coffee and experience

If you want advice based on the person's experience, this is an ideal subject line to use.

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Knowledge Sharing subject lines

5 Knowledge Sharing coffee chat email subject lines examples

36. Coffee and knowledge sharing

This clearly conveys the purpose is knowledge sharing. Use it if your goal is to exchange ideas and insights.

37. Coffee and networking

This straightforwardly signals the networking aspect of the meeting. I'd use it if you want to expand your network.

38. Coffee and referrals

This focuses the conversation on giving/getting referrals. Use it if you want to request introductions.

39. Coffee and recommendations

This highlights giving/receiving recommendations. I'd use it if you want suggestions on services, people, etc.

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Connections subject lines

5 Connecting coffee chat email subject lines examples

40. Coffee and references

This conveys you want to get/give references. Use it if you need someone to vouch for you or if you can vouch for them.

41. Coffee and introductions

If making introductions is on your agenda, this is a perfect subject line. Use it to expand your networks.

42. Coffee and contacts

This focuses on building contacts. I'd use it if networking is your main goal.

43. Coffee and connections

This is another great option if making connections is your purpose. Use it to grow your network.

44. Coffee and potential partnerships

This frames the networking around discovering potential partnerships. I'd use it if you seek possible shared ventures.

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Opportunities subject lines

6 Opportunities coffee chat email subject lines examples

45. Coffee and shared interests

This highlights finding common interests and is great for compatibility networking. I'd use it to connect over common ground.

46. Coffee and prospects

Use this if you want to discuss future opportunities and prospects with someone.

47. Coffee and opportunities

This focuses on uncovering opportunities, so I'd use it if you want to explore new possibilities.

48. Coffee and open discussion

This conveys you want an open, wide-ranging discussion. I'd use it for exploratory networking meetings.

49. Coffee and relationship building

This clearly signals you want to build your relationship, so use it when that's your main goal.

50. Coffee and career growth

This frames the conversation around career growth, so use it if you want mentorship to develop professionally.

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How to write an effective coffee chat email?

To write a coffee chat email, first clearly state in about 2 lines that you want to meet up for coffee to connect and network.

Then in the next sentence introduce your self and explain your background, focusing on aspects relevant to the recipient. Share any common connections you have to establish familiarity.

Next, explain in 2-3 lines specifically why you want to chat with them, like learning about their career path or insights about the industry.

Suggest 2-3 days/times in the next week that work for meeting up for 30 minutes over coffee at a convenient cafe. Give your availability and ask when works for them if those times don't fit their schedule.

Express your enthusiasm for connecting in person and that you appreciate them considering your request. Provide your contact information like email and phone number so they can easily respond.

Wrap up by thanking them for their time and say you look forward to hearing back. Keep the tone friendly and casual.

The email should demonstrate you value their time and expertise while also giving clear details for coordinating the coffee meeting. Aim for around 5 concise paragraphs and 3-4 sentences each to cover the key points.

Proofread before sending to ensure the email is free of typos and easy to understand.

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What is the subject line for a thank you email after a coffee chat?

Here are some good subject line options for a thank you email after a coffee chat:

  • "Thank You for the Coffee Chat"
  • "Great Connecting Yesterday"
  • "Appreciate the Coffee and Conversation"
  • "It Was Great Catching Up Over Coffee"
  • "Thanks for Taking the Time to Meet Up"
  • "Following Up After Our Coffee"
  • "Thanks for the Enjoyable Chat!"
  • "Thank You for the Informative Coffee Chat"

The main focus should be expressing thanks and appreciation for the person's time. Reference that it was a "coffee chat" or "coffee" specifically.

You can highlight that you enjoyed the conversation, found it informative, or appreciated the chance to connect. This helps remind them of the purpose and tone of your meeting.

Keep the subject line short, clear and sincere. This will make it more likely for them to open and read your follow up email after meeting over coffee.

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How do you ask for a coffee chat email title?

When you ask for a coffee chat, the email title need to be short, clear and to the point.

A brief, friendly and casual title works best for coffee chat requests, as opposed to long and overly formal titles. The goal is to make it easy for the other person to want to open and respond to your email.

Mention "coffee chat" or "coffee" in the title so the recipient immediately knows what you're asking for. You can optionally include something like "Request", "Suggestion" or "Interested in Connecting" to convey that you're interested in meeting up.

Here are some suggestions for email titles when asking someone for a coffee chat:

  • "Request for a Coffee Chat"
  • "Interested in Connecting Over Coffee"
  • "Let's Meet Up for Coffee"
  • "Coffee Chat Request"
  • "Grabbing Coffee?"
  • "Quick Coffee Catch-Up?"
  • "Coffee Meeting Suggestion"

If you are intrested in more examples, check out this list of 50 coffee chat email subject lines.

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Engaging in a coffee chat, be it virtual or in-person, is a golden opportunity to connect, network, and learn.

A well-structured email with a captivating subject line is your first step in this journey. As you've seen, tailoring your message's tone and intention can greatly influence its outcome. And just as important as reaching out is expressing gratitude afterward.

Always remember that these casual meetings, built around the age-old ritual of sharing a coffee, are more than just exchanges of words; they're the building blocks of lasting professional and personal relationships.

So, whether you're catching up, networking, seeking mentorship, or exploring new avenues, a coffee chat is an informal yet impactful way to foster meaningful connections.

The next time you're about to send that email, revisit these tips, and ensure your invite stands out in the best possible way. Cheers to more enriching coffee conversations!